Alaglide® is an ingenious and innovative door opening and closing system for cubicle WCs, showers and changing rooms in high-use public and commercial places (airports and stations, hospitals, commercial centres, waiting areas, campsites, gyms and swimming pools). Alaglide® allows a space-saving movement: the result of the door’s roto-translation and sliding provides a saving on costs and a gain in terms of available space.
The opening and closing actions are intuitive and allow the user to operate Alaglide® whilst remaining stationary.

Alaglide® successfully combines its perfect movement with an extremely linear visual result: the system is designed to operate without the aid of hinges or frames.

  • Space-saving: guaranteed saving of between 36% to 66% of front door space compared to conventional cubicles.
  • Large entrance: the absence of frames provides a 25% larger entrance, while maintaining the same centre to centre distance.
  • Safety: EEM (Emergency Exit Mechanism) emergency release with universal safety key.

  • Disabled friendly: the door is easy to open and/or close without having to move wheelchairs in and out of the cubicle.
  • Ergonomics: During opening/closing, the door rotates without the user having to move.
  • Versatility: It can be mounted on different HPL thicknesses (12,13,14 mm) and safety glass 5+5 (11,52 mm)
  • Wide range of applications: wide range of use and application in various contexts (WC, showers, changing rooms, double-sided cubicles, etc.).
  • Adjustable feet: 30 mm range and different heights. Standard size 120/150 mm; on request: 130/160 mm – 150/180 mm – 170/200 mm.
  • Finger protection seal: composed of 2 parts, a rigid base (with double sided adhesive on request) and a rigid/soft element. Ease of assembly and maximum safety.
  • Vacant/engaged system: External handle and latch turns token, practical and convenient for cubicle closure, also from the outside.
  • Non-detachable door: the door is not mounted on hinges, and consequently cannot be unfastened by simply lifting the pins.
  • Stainless: stainless materials such as aluminium, nylon, stainless steel, PVC, rubber, etc. are used.
  • Ease of use: fewer panels to handle – thanks to the absence of frames – and with reduced dimensions (shorter partitions); less CNC machine machining (thanks to the absence of frames and finger protection seal machining), packaging time (less elements to protect), light weight (shorter partitions) and ease of transport (compact), speed and ease of on-site positioning (lighter and smaller thanks to the reduced partition size).

Alaglide hardware must be mounted on panels and not directly on the walls.